by Russell Greenspan

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released February 1, 2006

all songs written and performed by russell greenspan © 2006. all rights reserved.




Russell Greenspan Bedford, New York

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Track Name: Open the Door
open the door to what you know
open the door so you can go
Track Name: Away From Here
away from here, away from here
fast as i dare, away from here
we'll have no fear, away from here

and i know i see in them
the same things in me
but that ain't the way it
was supposed to be

caught in the current
left behind
the more i fight it
the more i'm entwined

i got to go back to the moon someday soon
cause i struggle every day
to find the words to say
seems the harder that i swim
i just get pulled right back in
Track Name: Alone Tonight
didn't want to be alone tonight
in the dark without a light
didn't want to be alone,
i didn't want to be alone
i just want to be with you tonight

visible as a prayer
blinded by what you know just can't be there
opened up to the world the window of my heart
it's getting cold, don't stop to stare

takes much more to ever break all we've had neither you nor i forsake how lucky we are
to feel so good inside but not have to go far
Track Name: Up In You
and if i feel afraid will you be back someday?
and if i feel ok will you come out to play?

if this is all we get
we'll let it be the best one yet
try to hang on tight
stay strong through the fight

and i won't let go of this one emotion
stay true to you with trust and devotion

and though i can't say so, i know you know
tell you now, i can, all i want is you

make it last a minute, make it last for now
i want you to tell me how to make it last forever
and if you should know somehow
tell me how

it's all tied up in you
Track Name: Turn
coming through the door again
i see your photograph
and i don't think i could've loved you any more

show me where to run
tell me how to turn
back to be beside you evermore

if only you could see
what i'm going through
but you just can't be there for me like before
Track Name: Road To You
gonna take a long walk
on the road to you
Track Name: Out
oh tell me what i can say
when you're lying that why
oh tell me what can i do
to keep me closer to you

i can't believe this is true

and i've got no one to blame
for leaving nothing the same
and i can't even scream
to wake me from this bad dream

think i'm losing my mind
can't keep from falling behind
no i can't come out tonight
Track Name: Fly
today the trees are all bloom
unlike this empty room
that holds a time stuck in mind
i just can't leave behind

recognize not even my old den
i can't look back again
remember how the water looked so blue
there's nothing we can't do

we're gonna fly away
some day, you know we'll fly away
Track Name: Over
how long your flame burns the line
long lashed eyes raised up to the sky
a voice under silence whose hope has no opposite in fear now

our love is air, ocean, wind
that can no more end than begin
i know it's everything you ever wanted to be sure of
when it's over everything's all right
Track Name: Every Day
though i turn from you, i hear you say:
gonna make every day seem like today

i come back to you, like i always do
with my arms open wide, i say to you:

when you want to go with me i'll know
when you want to go with me we'll go

on the carousel of this game we play
you know where it begins, that's where it ends
Track Name: I Been Better
pushed around, left behind
misunderstood and i didn't even tell you how i feel today
overgrown, underground
opened up put back together, how could i be ok?

black and blue, yellow too
shredded like some corporate document that told it all
overruled, overthrown
tongue-tied in misery on display for all to see

yeah, i been better
i been better, i been so much better
Track Name: I Can Feel
sending out a letter to you
gonna write down all that's come true
so you'll know me how i want you to

i can feel every word you say
each and every day, i can feel
and it shows, all you've meant to me,
i wish you could see i'll always know

in all to come make it understood
i'd be there if only i could
so keep me close as close as i would

take me to the other side that i'm still waiting for
take me now don't leave me here
cause i won't get very far
Track Name: This To Give
take me back again
take me to the place where i want to be
where people all around and tall things on the ground won't be coming down

and i really never thought
the things that aren't taught are what i should've brought

and if i fall for you
i'll never love again
all this i give to you

can you believe what's holding me up is just as fragile everywhere?

and i might never know
the feeling i'm wrapped up in, the sunlight upon your skin
i just might not know it
Track Name: Near
just tell me what to do
cause it's all been coming true
everything i knew could be
i swore that it wouldn't be me

and if the end is near i'll still be here
to say i love you and hold on tight to your hand

no more endless nights, no more days in fright
the pain that you endured i'd give anything to have cured
this one last time we shared, i'll always be right there
though i'll miss you every day i'd have it no other way
Track Name: A Little More
when i see you crying
hurts me more than you
cause i know we've got so much left to do

help me understand
help me be the man