The Dawn

by Russell Greenspan



released January 1, 2010

Written, performed, and produced by Russell Greenspan © 2010




Russell Greenspan Bedford, New York

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Track Name: Six
So while I've waited for you to come along
Many persuaded the ones that I've chosen
An understanding, a reason, a clue
Of what it would take to get next to you

Misread the signs, mistook the lines
Misheard the cry, got all but why

If you want to go just return what you stole
Leave if you need to leave, just don't expect me to believe

I've tried to unravel the things you said to me
But that doesn't work when you're just a mystery
You toss and you turn and you figure it all through
Then in the moment it couldn't be further from true

Leave if you need to leave
I never could believe what you told me then
We were waiting until when the time was right
This was the night
So you can have it back and the rest I'll take for me
Track Name: Theory
We're staying out way too late, we stayed right past the dawn
Cause we ain't coming in

Not before the song is done, finished like it should
A strong melody

We can't wait any longer, we can't wait for this

We're doing all we know we can, just like we did before
A million times or more

Test out all your theories, try to make sense of it
Cause I don't have the answer but I know I need to it quick

Open up the floodgates of all you've ever known
Cause each and every day we wait gets us further from control
Track Name: Nate's Song
In that one moment it’s like you were not never here
You are the dream begun so long ago shared by ones you’ll know and ones you won’t

In you it continues, an epic ballad of a play
Forever unfolding like a flower growing high on love bestowed in yesterdays

Beautiful boy, you’ll never known how much I wanted to show you
But if you need me just close your eyes and you’ll see me there

If you get lost turn to me to find your way
When you feel alone remember you’re a part of something more than what you see today

Beautiful boy I love you so
Beautiful boy I can’t say no
Track Name: Unknown
Upon a time, far away, in happily ever after
The place that dreams become wrapped in all their tender
At least that’s how the story goes, inevitably
When the truth is closer to reality
But if we get to define it all
We won’t have to fake it

And if you’re getting colder I will be your fire
And if you’re falling deeper I will be your pillow
I’ll be there for you now

And if we get stalled between here and forever
At least we leave for the unknown our happily ever after
Track Name: Borderline
Got to get crossed this borderline tonight
Unlock the chains that weigh me down so tight
Get off these bones that ache all night
Cause I know, I know

Cause I know what I know but I’m not going to make a scene
Cause I know what I know but I’m not going to make believe

Got to get crossed this borderline tonight
Find a way to make everything all right
Track Name: Braved It All
Just tell me either way we’ll be the way we used to be
Exactly as we used to be
When we had no choice to make, when it came so easily
Exactly as it used to be

Of all the things we lose today, you won’t be one, you are the one
I need you to stay
Now it’s here and the lines and the lines are blurred, but are we too close
Or too far away
And if I don’t have time for you, and if the day ain’t never through
Ain’t never through

As tired as I may be, just a moment of you
Can last the day
So with a raised eyebrow, a smirk, a glance, a knowing smile
You tell what I need to know

Cause baby either way I braved it all today
Cause baby either way it just won’t go away
I braved it all